About the project
The Idea project intends to:
  • 1
    Increase the digital, international business management skills of 80 workers of small companies in Slovenia, Poland, Italy, Spain and Greece to allow them to define a correct and sustainable planning of digital, international company projection.
  • 2
    Organize two international mobilities for 16 partnership trainers and consultants. The trainers and consultants will be able to a) implement the Digital Internationalization guidelines to guide the target SMEs in the digital transformation of the commercial and marketing processes, and b) guide the target learners in the application of such guidelines in their companies during the company check-ups.
  • 3
    Co-elaborate an innovative European, blended training which is in line with the needs of workers and companies to improve their development opportunities in the globalized economy.
  • 4
    Pilot the training course with at least 80 workers from European SMEs involved in the partnership, through: 
    — the use of an Educational TV Programme and OERs;
    — the conduct of company check-ups by learners.
The Idea project is addressed in particular to SMEs and their workers in the partnership’s countries, but also to VET Providers, Universities and HEIs representatives and trainers.
Scheme of Project Result
Digital and international business learning programme
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Desk research
A systematic review based on secondary research to better circumstantiate all the different issues and aspects of the topic.

Field research
Focus Groups with referees of PP training agencies and representatives of SMEs and SMEs workers.

Learning program design
On the basis of the findings, PPs will design the learning program.

Testing of the entire learning programme together with monitoring and evaluation by 80 workers.

Educational TV programme and interactive gamified video training pills design and development

OER Content Design
Partners Will Co-Design Contents And Methodology For Developing Complete, Transferable And Ready-To-Use Learning Modules.

OER Development
The Oer Will Consist Of 3D Gamified Video Training Pills With Narrative Crossroads That Combine A Balanced Mix Of Entertainment And Learning Through An Interactive Game-Based Learning Approach.

Educational Tv Programme
If Foresees The Design And Development Of The Programme With Episodes.
Internet digitalization guidelines
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a white trick
The project result foresees the design and implementation of Digital Internationalization Guidelines functional to guide SMEs in the digital transformation, support their internationalization and their ability to penetrate foreign markets through digital channels.

A project co-founded by the European Union

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