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From the 6th till the 10st of February 2023, partnership experts participated in the first LTTA in Avellino, Italy, tha was hosted by CONFORM.

The purpose of the Learning, Teaching and Training Activity is to trasmit the partners the knowledge to adquire the logic of the narrative branching stories to represent behaviours, situations and relational dynamics typical of digital business internationalization and to implement the functional guidelines to guide the target SMEs in digital transformation.

During the first two days, the group of partnership experts were trained on game- based learning and learned how to create an edugame.

They then began to draft two storyboards for the online scenario-based game, with which trainees will be able to test their knowledge and skills in the field of business internationalization and digitalization after they have studied the topics of the OER developed by the partnership.

The first days the group of experts from the partnership trained in the field of game based learning and learned how to create an edugame.

The week was successful, with a fruitful cooperation and great team spirit.

On the 20th and 21st of October 2022, the partnership had a second transnational meeting for the I.D.E.A. project. The meeting was held in Athens, Greece, hosted by Hellenic American Union.

The purpose of the meeting was to present the findings of desk and fields research (Project Result 1), create the structure for the learning program and start with the Project Result 2 - the design of the Open Educational Resources content, which CONFORM is the leader of.

One the 1st day we intensively worked on developing the structure and defining the content of the learning program. We decided to create 2 main modules, each consisting of 4 units. The content of one module will be based on strategy of internationalization and the content of the second module will be based on digital tools of internationalization.

This was followed by presentation of the Project Result 2, where we will focus on developing content for the online platform in form of interactive training video pills and 3D gamified training pills with narrative crossroads. We ended the first day with the social dinner in the center of the city with a beautiful view on the Acropolis of Athens.

The second day was intended for administration and finances of the project, where we have cleared any kind of ambiguities and defined the date of the LTTA, which will be hosted by CONFORM in Avellino, Italy, from the 6th till 10th February 2023.

On the 20th and 21st of June 2022, the partnership has met for the first time in occasion of the Kick-off meeting of the Idea project.
The meeting was held in Ljubjiana, Slovenia, and it was hosted by CPU.

"What knowledge and skills must the corporate population of SMEs acquire for proper digital management of international business?"

To this question the partnership of the Erasmus+ project I.D.E.A. tried to give an answer in the project Kick-off meeting in Ljubljana. Following a field analysis to be carried out in Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Spain and Poland, the partners will structure a blended training course capable of developing in workers the digital skills needed to guide SMEs towards the transformation of their commercial, marketing and internationalisation processes.

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