Project results 2
Educational TV Programme and Interactive Gamified Video Training Pills Design and Development
The mail aim of the Project Results 2 is to design and development of the educational TV programme and the interactive gamified video training pills.

The first step is to design the methodology and the contents of the eight units divided into two training modules. Module 1 - Strategy: Market strategy, Business model innovation, Networking strategy, and Financing; Module 2 - Digital Tools: Business Analysis, Digital Marketing, Communication, and Logistics.
IDEA - SCENARIOS de Cámara de Comercio Italiana de Barcelona

Then, the consortium will develop the video training pills and the gamified scenarios with narrative branches, allowing learners to have control over their learning process.
They will find themselves in a virtual environment, based on real-life dynamics, to test their soft skills and behavioral abilities.

Lastly, the final step is to develop the Educational TV programme to guide the beneficiaries on new ways of promoting and valorising digital culture and internationalisation. The Programme will adopt streaming and interactivity models that will allow users to modulate their learning paths according to their needs.

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